About Us


Tenant-Net, a Maine corporation, was created in 1994 by three attorneys with one purpose in mind: collect and distribute critical information to property owners and managers. Although it’s not modest, we believe that over 2,000 Members confirm our status as Maine’s premier tenant screening service. Year in and year out our Members contact us before placing a single tenant in their units. Why? Because:

  1. We assemble accurate, relevant information.
  2. We deliver it swiftly, and cost effectively.
  3. We are unbiased and objective.
  4. No other comparable service in Maine has the depth or breadth of Maine records as Tenant-Net.

Tenant-Net does not judge or rate potential tenants. We do not keep lists of “good” tenants or “bad” tenants. Rather, Tenant-Net aids the rental application process for all concerned (owners, managers and applicants) by disseminating accurate, detailed rental histories and profiles in much the same manner that credit agencies track and disseminate financial histories.

ITS TRUE: We do not have millions of records like some national firms. But, what we have are the relevant histories of Maine tenants, collected from Maine Courts, and from Maine Property Managers, for well over 20 years.


PADZILLA is the on-line division of Tenant-Net. Here, Owners and Managers can post their units to Web. It’s FREE advertising 24/7 and 365 days a year! And, it’s where great tenants can find and then lease the best apartments in Maine.

Licensed By Our State

Also, because we regularly handle confidential information, we are a state licensed, state inspected “credit reporting agency”. What does that mean?

It means the State of Maine has reviewed and certified that we comply with the Federal Fair Credit Act when it comes to handling credit records, and other confidential information. It means we are inspected by professional staff from the State of Maine’s Office of Consumer Credit on a frequent basis. It means we are abreast of new laws and requirements governing credit reporting. And, if you ever have a problem or concern about anything we do, it means you have a place to go for help.