Due Diligence2

It’s more than just a trademark. It’s our primary business mission: find, collect, secure, and timely deliver reliable and relevant data on tenant applicants. Consider what we do:

  1. Tenant-Net field personnel regularly visit Maine’s District Courts to collect eviction and money judgement court records. This data is uploaded to our database every week. Save for the Courts themselves, we hold the largest collection of Maine eviction records.
  2. Tenant-Net has, for over 20 years, recorded every tenant application submitted to us for review. Only our Members have access to this proprietary database.
  3. For over 20 years, our Members have forwarded informative tenant histories, assuring a continual collection of data on Maine tenants. Again, only our Members have access to this unique, proprietary data.
  4. We provide you with a Trans Union “VANTAGE” credit score profile. These state of the art credit scoring models are predictive of each potential tenant’s future payment patterns.
  5. We also scan US Bankruptcy Court Records for Maine, as well as applicable state sex offender registries.
  6. Tenant-Net, for an additional State of Maine imposed fee, can have Maine SBI (State Bureau of Identification) run an independent criminal background check.

Our goal is to get all of this data in your hands as rapidly as possible, sometimes less than one hour, most times the very same day, but on rare occasions as late as the next business day.

Please Note:  Tenant-Net field personnel do not recover Court records from the Madawaska, Fort Kent, Caribou, Presque Isle and Houlton District Courts at this time.