Access Codes

Tenant-Net provides all our owners and property managers with two unique ACCESS CODES. These codes allow interested applicants to apply for your apartments via PADZILLA, our on-line application system.


When a tenant-applicant expresses interest in an apartment, you share an ACCESS CODE with them. The applicant then comes to APPLY NOW portion of this site, and enters your ACCESS CODE. This alerts our system that the application is for your property, and it allows the applicant to move forward with an automated, on-line application process. Once your applicant finishes their on-line application, the following will occur:

  1. The tenant-applicant is alerted that their completed application has been sent to you;
  2. You will receive a copy of the Tenant’s application via email;
  3. The full application is simultaneously downloaded to Tenant-Net for background screening; and
  4. We send you the results.

PADZILLA makes the process EASY.


PADZILLA has been designed for ease of use, and that includes even the billing component. So, if you prefer to pay for your own background searches, no problem, one ACCESS CODE allows for that. But, if you prefer to have your applicant pay the Tenant-Net search fee, than we have a unique, separate, and second ACCESS CODE for that option. So, our system automatically knows (by your choice of CODE) which party to auto-bill.