Need a Corporation or LLC Formed

There are significant liability protections that can come from holding leasable real property in the name of a Corporation or LLC. In fact, many landowners put their real estate into such corporate entities.

In addition, there can be tax advantages to doing this as well.

But many owners worry that creating a new Corporation or LLC is expensive, time consuming, and frustrating. It doesn’t have to be so.

We can form your new Corporation or LLC for $400.00. The process is simple, fast and easy to complete. And you’ll work directly with our Legal Counsel, not through some on-line portal that cares little about you.

Once your new legal entity is set up, all that remains is to transfer legal land title of the property into your new entity. This step has to be done carefully, but we’ve handled it before, and so we know how to get you through to the end. Along the way, we’re happy to work with your accountant and a lending bank if the parcel has financing involved.

You want to manage property… not worry about legal matters. We get it! At Tenant-Net, we were designed with property owner’s needs in mind, from top to bottom, and with all our services.

Simple, Easy, Done.


Corporate Clerk/ Registered Agent Services

Your rental properties may be owned in the name of a land holding Corporation or LLC. Typically, this is done for liability protection, or for certain tax benefits. And, both reasons can make a lot of sense.

If you own or manage such an entity, you must file an annual renewal with the Maine Secretary of State’s office. This renewal process is vital to preserving your company and maintaining its protective function.

Over 140 small Maine businesses (Restaurants, Hair Dressers, Auto Garages, Plumbers, Electricians, Car Dealers, Dentists, Accountants, General Contractors, Consultants, etc.) as well as many Landowner LLC’s and Corporations rely on us as their Clerks and Registered Agents.

Why, because like all of Tenant-Net, we make it EASY.

And, at half the cost you typically pay.

Typically, law firms charge up to $400.00 for this yearly work. Our rate…$160.00!