Here are a bunch of interesting facts about Tenant Net.

Number of Tenant-Net Eviction Records: 88,000+

Number of Tenant-Net Rental History Reports: 54,000+

Number of Sex Offenders Identified since 2004: Over 60

Number of Customer-Members on September 1, 1994: 2

Number of Customer-Members on September 1, 1999: 580

Number of Customer-Members Today: approximately 1600

Number of field personnel collecting Court records each month: 8

Number of License Inspections by Maine Office of Consumer Credit since 1994: 5

Number of times Tenant-Net passed inspection: 5

Number of claims filed against Tenant-Net: 0

Number of records disputes filed since 1994: 9

Number of records corrected since 1994: 1

Percent compliance with State of Maine and Federal Fair Credit Laws: 100

Number of Sex Offenders Registered Nationwide: 500,000+

Number of identified Maine sexual predator / offenders: 1700+/-

Number of states with sexual predator records accessible over the internet: 48

Future Dept. of Justice site housing all sexual predator / offenders records: 1

First Tenant-Net software: Paradox

Cost to develop in 1994: $2,500.00

Time to complete a search: 15 minutes

New application software: Visual Basic

Cost to develop in 2005: $20,000.00

2007 & 2008 Software/Systems Upgrade: $25,000.00

Time to complete a search: 1.5 seconds

Number of Employees (Tami, Rebecca, Debbie & Tim): 4

Owners Office Telephone Number (Please call if I can help): 207-282-5966

Company Objective: Deliver accurate, detailed and timely rental profiles.

Future Projects: Tenant-Net/Commercial now live; Padzilla on-line apartment listing coming May 2009

Average Cost of 1 Lift Ticket: $50.00-$65.00

Average Cost to fill up a tank of gas: $50.00 – $80.00

Average Cost to send flowers: $30.00 – $70.00

Cost for 1 Adult All-Day Pass To Funtown/Splashtown, USA: $40.00

Cost to protect property with a Tenant-Net Search: $25.00


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