A law called the Federal Fair Credit Act requires parties, including Tenant-Net, to correct inaccurate credit related information. It helps everyone if reported data is accurate, and correspondingly no one is benefitted by receiving inaccurate information. If a creditor (let’s say Ford Motor Credit, or Sears) mistakenly reports you failed to pay a bill, but you did pay it, that credit reporter is obligated to investigate and correct the record if it can be established that an error occurred. That investigation process starts by the filing of what is called in credit reporting a “dispute”. That is the magic word, a “dispute.”

The same rule governing credit reporting applies to landlord-tenant relations as well. If your landlord reports information that is inaccurate, or if Tenant-Net provides records to a third party that are inaccurate, let us know by sending us a Dispute Form. We promise to investigate it, and correct it if required. The Form to commence that process (a “Tenant Dispute” Form) is set out below.

Also, a “Summary of your Rights”, your rights under the Federal Fair Credit act, is also set out below. It explains what steps you can take to make sure accurate data is maintained about you. If needed, fill one out, and send it along to us via our free fax line: 800-200-7005. We’ll take it from there!

PLEASE NOTE: Tenant-Net cannot correct public records such as Maine Court records that are under the control of the State of Maine. However, if you feel an eviction has been wrongly connected to you (say you are not the Mary Smith who got evicted in Ellsworth because you never lived in Ellsworth) let us know that. We can permanently record that sort of information.


Tenant Dispute
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Summary of Rights
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