Finding Your New Unit

Tenant-Net helps you lock down your next great apartment. You can do it one of two ways:

Found It – Now Rent It

THE OLD FASHIONED WAY: If your potential landlord has a place you like, you can ask for a rental application. Fill it out, and the Owner/Manager will send it to us via fax or email. Tenant-Net checks your credit and rental history, and sends the data along for a decision by the Owner/Manager, usually the same day.

JUMP TO HYPER DRIVE: Alternatively, the Owner/Manager may have you fill out your application on-line. No sweat, no tears, no delay…PADZILLA makes it easy!

Step 1. The on-line process starts with the Owner/Manager giving you an ACCESS CODE. Typically, the ACCESS CODE consists of a random set of digits and letters, or some combination of the two.

Step 2. Look for the LEASE A UNIT option set out in our KEY ACTION box. Click that page, and you will be asked to log in with an ACCESS CODE provided by the Owner/Manager.

Step 3. NEXT, an on-line rental application will populate that you can complete. The on-line form matches or is very similar to a paper application. When done, it will be automatically down loaded here at our office for processing. Both you and the Owner/Manager will get an email confirmation.

PLEASE NOTE: some Owner/Managers have their tenant applicant’s pay our $30.00 fee. Some Owner/Managers don’t. If your does, our system already knows it, and when you apply an added set of screens will populate which allow you to submit your credit card for payment.

Still looking for that new PAD

Many landlords and property managers choose to advertise their apartments on-line with PADZILLA. You can see available units around Maine via the LOOK button found in the KEY ACTION box. You can tailor your search area by City or by distance; you can look at available pictures; review the potential lease in advance, see additional details about the unit, even find it using the Google Maps feature. And, if you like what you see, you can apply right on-line for that unit. Just hit the “APPLY NOW” button.

With PADZILLA, finding a great apartment is EASY!