Posting a Unit

Want to advertise your apartments Free of Charge. 24/7. 365.

Let Us Help!

With PADZILLA, you can list your apartments on-line. FOR FREE. You can advertise these units all the time, or set them to run only when a vacancy arises, whichever you prefer. You can:

  • List Apartment details
  • Post pictures
  • Show your lease

Tenants can see your units, contact you off the listing page, even apply to rent a specific unit right off PADZILLA.

It’s fast and easy. And unlike Craigslist, you will never need to re-enter your data. Your apartment listings do not expire after 30 days. The data is permanently recorded in our database. The data on your units can be revised or edited anytime, and as often as you like for FREE! You can add or delete units at any time. Again, Free!

Process: It all starts by filling out and sending Tenant-Net an apartment data sheet. You can see a link to that form below. We’ll load in the data for you (free of charge) and you send us your pictures. We’ll take it from there.

In the future, Tenant-Net plans the build out of a direct on-line access for our Members who prefer to load in their own data and photos over the web. You will have 365 days a year access to all your posted units.

Free Advertising. What’s not to like about that!

Apartment Forms

Apartment Data Sheet
PDF   Microsoft Word Document