Process and Costs: Residential Screening

COSTS: $25.00 per person for a comprehensive screening including a full Tradeline Report from Trans Union with FICO scoring.

PROCESS: Your applicant can manually complete an application at home or at your office. Copies of both our long form, and our short form, can be found on this site for your use. Results are usually emailed or faxed the same day.

PADZILLA OPTION: As an alternative, your tenant can also fill out their application on–line using our Padzilla.Com website. Tenant–Net will provide you two ACCESS CODES when you sign up to use Padzilla. One Code is what we call “owner–pay” while the other is a ”tenant–pay“ code. Depending upon your preference, give potential tenants one of your access codes. They use this number to log into our software/system. The system recognizes your code (so we know where to send results) and it recognizes if it’s an owner pay or tenant pay code. If it is tenant pay, your tenant’s application will not be completed and stored for background searching until their credit card has been successfully billed.

YES, this provides you the option to have ZERO COSTS for tenant screening.


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