Padzilla is your on–line link to over 1,000 Maine apartments, and over 1500 Maine property owners–managers who are looking… for you! Their next great tenant.

We help those Owner–Managers advertise their apartments (FIND IT), and we help them place tenants into those units (RENT IT).

With over 1,000 units available, Padzilla is the premier site for finding your next Maine Apartment. Simply put, no one lists more Maine Apartments than Padzilla! No one even comes close.

You can also apply right on–line, 24/7, 365 days a year for your apartment with our RENT IT feature. Click on the button, and a universal application form will pop up… and, your completed application will be automatically downloaded to your Owner–Manager.

You can even communicate through Padzilla with your Owner–Manager, all before you step into the unit.

Linking great tenants with great apartments… it’s what we do.



A residential background check costs $25.00 per person screened. Each search will include the following checks:

  1. Full Credit Report – We will provide a full tradeline report on your prospective tenant. You can review your applicant’s financial history, see their credit score, and verify their indentity.
  2. Eviction Report – Tenant-Net has the most extensive and updated Maine eviction database in the industry.
  3. Tenancy History/Report – Our members submit detailed reports regarding their tenants. These reports are specific, objective and identify both the good tenants and the bad.
  4. Prior Applications Report – Our database tracks prior applications of a particular tenant.
  5. Sexual Predator/Offender Check – Tenant–Net will conduct a search to see if your potential tenant has a past conviction as a sexual offender.
  6. US Marshal’s Search – Tenant-Net runs your tenants name through the US Marshal’s Service list of known and wanted fugitives.
  7. Money Judgments – Tenant-Net also checks its database of Maine collections, small claims and disclosures to determine if your applicant has been the subject of a Money judgment Court action.
  8. U.S. Bankruptcy Court (Maine) – We also research records in the US Banruptcy Court for Maine to see if your applicant has ever been party to a bankruptcy proceeding.


Owners, show your units on-line.


Padzilla makes finding your new apartment easy.


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