Criminal Records

At Tenant-Net, we know the safety and security of your properties and the people who live there is a paramount concern. Tenant-Net reviews Maine’s Megan’s list of sexual predators/offenders (and any other states if your potential tenant is “from away”) as a part of all residential searches we conduct. We can identify sexual predators before placement in your rental unit. Please note we do not conduct a sex offender as part of commercial screening.

Since July 2005, Tenant-Net has made Sex Offender checks a part of every search we complete. We access both Maine’s site, as well as the Department of Justice’s site. Tenant-Net has identified over 60 sex offender/tenant-applicants since 2005.

maine-SIB-screen-shotA check of applicable sex offender registries is included as a part of all residential background searches conducted by Tenant-Net, and there is no separate or added fee or charge for that service.

You can also secure a broad based criminal records search on any potential tenant. This is a search for other criminal records/convictions, and includes felony offenses such as rape, murder, arson, robbery, assault, and kidnapping, to name a few. Tenant-Net offers that as an option for an additional $25.00 fee. Although these criminal records check are actually conducted out of Augusta by officials of Maine’s State Bureau of Identification (“SBI”), we can forward results, in most cases, back to you in about 2-3 hours time. You can access the State’s web site by clicking the image on the right.

Finally, Tenant-Net will also search the U.S. Marshal’s list of wanted fugitives as part of every residential search we conduct, again at no added, or separate cost or fee to you. Please note we do not conduct a fugitive check as a part of commercial screening.


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