Tenant Advice

At Tenant-Net, we work with over 2,000 property owners and managers. Because of this experience, we’ve got some advice that will help you.

1. Pay on time
2. Create no disturbances
3. Never damage an apartment
4. Clean it when you leave it
5. Secure renters insurance

Pay on Time. (Always!)

Ok, you pay your bills on time, you get a better credit score. Pay your bills late and your credit score will go down. If it goes down, you’ll pay more fees and interest then someone with good credit.

That’s freedom and responsibility.

In the financial world, you are free to make choices, but you are held accountable for them. So, there is responsibility.

Same thing with renting your apartment. Landlords report to us, and if you fail to pay them, or always pay late, do you think that improves you standing with that landlord.

Be a gold star tenant and pay on time; you’ll secure better apartments at better rates. Always pay late, well, you’ll find it all a lot harder and more costly.

Create no Disturbances. (Ever!)

Landlords hate it when the police show up at their apartments. And, they do not like tenants getting into arguments with other tenants. They want a calm, peaceful building.

So, you can let your pit bull loose to scare that lady downstairs, who looked at you the wrong way, or you can hold a rockin party on Memorial Day weekend, but be assured your landlord knows or will shortly find out.

Guess who is the first person not to have their lease renewed? That’s right, it’s You! Don’t be a dope.

Think calm, think feng shui, think patience over anger. Landlords want peaceful, happy tenants, and if they feel 1 bad apple is ruining the mix, well out you go.

Never, Ever, Damage an apartment.

Remember landlords report tenant histories to us. So, if you rip out the light fixture or throw doggy do do on the wall, guess who finds out? Tenant-Net finds out, because after the landlord finds out he or she reports to us. Your actions are now recorded for others to read.

So, now you need a new place. Well, over 2,000 other landlords use Tenant-Net. Maybe, just maybe, you’ll end up at one that doesn’t. But, contact a Tenant-Net customer and they’ll see your track record.

Just like your financial actions follow you via your credit score, your rental history will follow you as well.

Clean it when you leave it.

Landlords do not secretly want to keep your security deposits. Its actually the opposite. What they pray for when you leave is a spotless unit. That way it is easier and faster for them to lease it back out. Every day they spend cleaning/fixing a unit you left damaged or messy is a day they are losing money. And, landlords aren’t in business to lose money.

In fact, many landlords are just small Mom & Pops who really depend upon the steady cash flow from renters like you so they can pay their mortgage on the property. So, losing rent puts them at risk, and is very upsetting to them.

Help them, you’d be surprised how many landlords file glowing positive reports when tenants clean their units. I’ve attached a few here. Be like these tenants!

Secure renters insurance.

If your apartment is ever water damaged, or smoke damaged or fire damaged, your personal property is at risk. Think about what you might own:

3. Cell Phone
4. Clothes
5. Bedding
6. Shoes

Well, you get the picture. Stuff costs money. Replacing uninsured stuff costs even more than when you first bought it.

Do yourself a favor. Check out renters insurance.