Tenant Reports

All our Members depend upon receiving timely and pertinent rental and credit data. Tenant-Net collects tenant histories from our Members, like you. And, we are looking for that data on all your tenants. Tenant-Net has made sharing these tenant experiences Easy (It’s us after-all) and cost effective!

When you file our simple, concise “Tenant Report” you not only help other Members of Tenant-Net, but you will earn a $4.00 credit for each Tenant Report you send. A sample form is attached below. Just fill it out, and fax it. EASY. And, there is no limit to the number you can send us. All we ask is that you file shortly after a tenant vacates.

Tenant Report
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You can help us by filing your Tenant Report on-line via our PADZILLA system. Tenant Reports filed on-line earn a $5.00 per Report credit. You can see the on-line login link below. Please call us if you cannot recall your username or password.

Remember: As a landlord, you are like CMP, Down East Energy, Ford Motor Company, Sears, Capital One, like any other credit history reporter. You ARE allowed by Federal Law to report accurate information, and you are protected when you do. But, it’s against the same Federal Law (Fair Credit Reporting Act) to report erroneous or inaccurate information. Tenant-Net helps keep you within the Law, and earn valuable credits as well!