What We Do

As a potential tenant, you may wonder about Tenant-Net. Does it help or hurt me. Truth is we do neither.


But here’s where the magic lies…YOU CREATE THE DATA. You CONTROL the CONTENT.

It’s like this…

When you start paying bills, you “establish credit”. The electric company, for example, reports to the big three credit agencies (Experian, Trans Union, Equifax) every month. Same for GMAC on your car loan, same for your student loans, same for Sears, or Amazon, or Cap One when you pay your credit card bill. All your creditors report your payment history.

Pay on time, you secure a good credit rating. Fail to pay, or pay late, your credit profile goes down. Get sued for a debt or declare bankruptcy, its TOILET TIME for your credit score.

Credit scoring rewards those who are RESPONSIBLE with their finances, and it will DETER those you are not, but in each case, the OUTCOME IS UP TO YOU.

IT’S THE SAME FOR RENTAL HISTORY. Tenant-Net records eviction records and small claims cases from Maine Courts. We also collect rental histories from property managers across Maine, over 2,000 of them. We share that DATA with property owners when you apply for one of their apartments.

THERE ARE NO LISTS of “Good” tenants or of “BAD” tenants here at Tenant-Net. We make no judgments, and we do not offer opinions. Instead, we report data to owners and managers. The nature of the data is up to you.