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Privacy/Records Security


At Tenant-Net, we do not sell our records to data warehouses, marketers, or other independent third parties. The only parties who receive our records/data are property owners or managers who are Members of Tenant-Net.

More importantly, we never release any information concerning any person unless that individual specifically authorizes the collection and release of that information. Further, the records/data will only be released to the property owner or manager designated by the potential tenant.


Finally, though we forward a person’s credit report to their designated property owner/manager, we do not record or retain credit reports pursuant to our agreements with TRANS UNION, and per the requirements of the Federal Fair Credit Act.

At Tenant-Net, our business is to assist tenants in finding and renting great apartments. We work to assure each tenant’s personal privacy as part of that process.

Records Security

We believe your rental history should be secure. As you might guess, we have taken traditional steps such as passwords, and appropriate, tested firewalls to screen our systems from intrusions. We also have deployed the latest versions of our processing software which has its own security features. And, out of an abundance of caution, we do not store our database on any laptop or other device.

But Tenant-Net goes further. We have recently deployed our systems to MICROSOFT’S CLOUD called AZURE, to gain enterprise level hosting and companion security features. In addition, Tenant-Net uses state of the art processes to permanently encrypt our records. And, we will employ additional measures as technology matures to stay ahead of the security curve.

In short, we’ve taken as many steps as we could think of to protect our systems from intrusion. And, even if an intrusion occurs, our data has always been encrypted literally from Day 1 of being on the Web.